Welcome to Revive Physiotherapy and Wellbeing Clinic based in two locations in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.  We are a new clinic to Dunkeld and Aberfeldy, however we are part of the long established & reputable parent group ‘Blairgowrie Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic’ based in Blairgowrie.

At Revive we take time to listen and understand the problem that may be causing you pain, lack of function or inhibit you from reaching your potential.  Whether it be common aches and pains, or recovering from injury, surgery, impaired balance or mobility, or you may be trying to return to peak sporting performance but something is holding you back, we can help you with the treatment we offer at Revive.

Our aim is not only to listen to you, but we want to work with you to enable you a quick return to what you enjoy doing the most and for you to reach your potential. 

What does a session of Physiotherapy involve?

You will be welcomed by your Physiotherapist who will introduce herself and ask you to explain the issues you are experiencing. She will listen carefully to your complaint in its entirety and take notes within your patient record. 

She will then objectively examine you; this may involve watching you move, measuring your range of movement, strength, power and test certain structures like ligaments, joints and muscle. 

Once she has completed the assessment she will be able to make a preliminary diagnosis and commence treatment.  The treatment provided will be specific and tailormade for you depending on the findings on your assessment. The treatment may include any of the following:

Joint mobilisation and manipulation

Soft tissue work- frictions, deep tissue massage, myofascial release,


Proprioceptive exercises- balance rehabilitation, neuromuscular facilitation

Exercise therapy- structured rehabilitation exercises, evidence based exercise protocols.

Home exercise programmes including online access to your own tailormade exercise programme.



Do you offer any other services other than Physiotherapy?

Some of our Physiotherapists are qualified in:


Private 1:1 Pilates tuition

Sports Massage

We also offer many more services within our flagship business in Blairgowrie ‘Blairgowrie Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ltd’.

Just ask if you would like to take advantage of any of these services.

Where to find us…

The Revive Physiotherapy team work over two locations:

Dunkeld – Find us within:  ‘Insitu’ Climbing shop, 5 Bridge Street, Dunkeld,PH8 0AH. 

Aberfeldy – Find us within:  Offizone, 2 Kenmore Street, Aberfeldy, PH15 2BL

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available from:

Monday               12:30pm to 19:00pm (Dunkeld, Aberfeldy)

Tuesday                08:30am to 17:00pm (Aberfeldy)

Wednesday          08:30am to 14:00pm (Aberfeldy)

Other appointments may be available on request so just get in touch and we will do our best to help and accommodate you. 

How much does it cost?

Initial Assessment, diagnosis and Treatment (45mins): £45

Return Treatment sessions (30 mins): £35

Return Treatment sessions (45 mins): £45

Return Treatment sessions (60mins): £60

1 Block of Acupuncture (4 sessions): £120

Private 1:1 Pilates session (45 mins): £25

How to book….

You can book by calling our reception team on:  01250 870062

You can look us up on Facebook and message us your preferred appointment time:  @ReviveDunkeldAberfeldy

Or email us: enquiries@blairgowriephysiotherapy.co.uk