Sports Profiling & Biomechanical Screening

Sports profiling or screening has taken off in the last few years. It is common place in sport now. The purpose of the profiling is to reduce risk of injury but also to improve performance. It works by establishing a baseline measurement of the athlete with respect to areas of flexibility, strength and stamina. This will then be compared to an optimal standard that would be expected for the sport you are involved with.

Once the sports person has been screened they then receive a personalised programme of exercises to follow in order to address the issues raised and improve their score before the screening is repeated. There may be the need for some physiotherapy treatment if the problem cannot be addressed with an exercise programme.

At the moment this is service is only available for golf, swimming and rugby. Although we will soon also be offering running gait and cycling analysis in the near future.

Cost of screening £55 including personal rehabilitation programme.

Cost of screening reassessment £45.