Sports Clubs

The clinic works all year round with sports clubs in the Tayside area. Some clubs like Strathmore rugby club in Forfar, can accommodate the physiotherapists travelling and treating the players within the club in a weekly clinic. Other clubs like Blairgowrie Juniors or the local amateur football clubs & Blairgowrie rugby club send the players to the Blairgowrie Physiotherapy clinic for treatment.

We also will provide a sports taping service if there are matches or events that the athletes need taped for.

We may be able to provide pitchside physiotherapy cover and sports massage for your event too.

We currently provide physio support for:

Blairgowrie RFC and Strathmore Rugby Club

If your Sports club would like to benefit from the service of chartered physiotherapists with an interest in sport then email or call 01250 870062 & ask to speak to Carla.