Sports Massage

Sports massage – Don't be fooled by its name: sports massage isn't just for athletes. It can revitalise the muscles of every one of us.

And while it’s true that professional sportspeople love it – during the London 2012 Olympics, sports massage accounted for 36 per cent of treatment provided to athletes, second only to physiotherapy – the rest of us can benefit from it too.

Taking care of your body might help you reach optimal performance even if your 'high performance sport’ is the occupation or desk job you choose to do. So soft tissue work isn’t just for Olympic athletes.

Massage techniques are known officially as effleurage (long strokes) and petrissage (kneading), however a sports massage will bear little or no resemblance to the ubiquitous “relaxing” massage you may have had in a hotel spa or from a beautician.

It will manipulate your tissue, warm it up and make it more pliable but also bring lovely, fresh, oxygenated blood to the muscles by increasing its flow.

It can also work the fascia (a fine sheath that covers the entire muscular system) which if tight, can cause all sorts of unpleasant aches and pains.

Sports massage is thought to improve recovery from training and help with lymphatic drainage that means toxins (such as lactic acid, which builds up after heavy training, giving you cramp) can leave the body quicker.

This becomes even more important as you get older. The body changes with age, not just externally but internally too: mobility reduces; muscle mass reduces; and recovery naturally slows down.


Sports, Deep Tissue and Pre/Post Event Massage

  • 30 mins: £30
  • 45 mins: £35 (first visit)
  • 1hr: £45