Strathmore Realistic Pilates is coming to Blairgowrie Physiotherapy

Jo Barron

Career Snapshot:

  • Level 3 diploma in Mat Pilates
  • Level 3 award in adapting physical activity for Antenatal and Postnatal clients
  • CPD Pilates on the ball
  • CPD Adapting exercise for Osteoporosis
  • CPD Basic life saving skills (CPR)

Realistic Pilates concentrates on correcting posture by realigning the body using slow controlled moves against the force of gravity to strengthen and stretch the muscles to their correct lengths and proportions. It trains our core to work automatically to support our bodies relieving aches and pains in the shoulders, neck and back particularly.

Strathmore Realistic Pilates also offers Ante and Post natal Pilates classes designed to take care of you and your growing bump or your post birth body. If you have been doing Pilates prior to becoming pregnant then carrying on with classes is fine however if you are new to Pilates we advise you to wait until your second trimester to begin.

Gentle exercise is so important for the pregnant lady whose body is constantly changing. We seek to realign the body that has changed due to the added weight of the baby and added effects of gravity so you are less likely to 'waddle' and are lighter on your feet. Classes will strengthen your core and pelvic floor providing your body with more support from the abdominals and encouraging a quicker post natal recovery.

We take into account that during pregnancy many women suffer from painful conditions or suffer unpleasant symptoms and tailor the exercises to suit the client’s needs making them feel looked after. We strive to give the pregnant lady a gentle and manageable yet effective way of keeping their body in good shape and preventing pain and injury.

Relaxation, rebalancing, realigning and regaining strength are all hugely important after birth also. Clients are welcome after their postnatal check or sign off from their GP / medical professional. It is usually advised to attend the postnatal class for a period of time before returning to the normal class, giving the body time to adjust and regain strength. It is important not to overstretch or overuse muscles post birth and to undertake exercise carefully for 6-12 months after birth, especially if breast feeding. Remember the old saying - "It take 9 months to grow a baby and 9 months to recover" - it really is true in terms of looking after your body.

So whether you would like to take care of your posture by looking after your shoulders, spine and pelvis; rid yourself of the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy; regain your pre pregnancy body or merely need some time to yourself to relax please get in touch.


  • Classes are £42 for a 6 week block

Class times:

  • Ante and post natal class – Tuesday 11am
  • Multi level class – Thursday 11am