David Carswell MA (Hons) HCPC Registered

At Home Hearing:

Blairgowrie physiotherapy is pleased to announce the latest addition to our team. At Home Hearing meets the needs of patients who wish to experience the very best in personalised hearing technology. From discreet in the ear systems to high performance models for the severely impaired, At Home Hearing has access to a wide range of amplification systems from all the major manufacturers. Their intention is to improve your ability to hear, not just in quiet but in the presence of background noise which most people, with hearing issues, struggle with. In addition to hearing aids, At Home Hearing can provide information and advice on ear health; wax removal using micro-suction; sound generators for Tinnitus relief and management; personalised ear protection for industry, field sports, swimming and flying; Loop systems and assistive listening devices. If you are concerned about your hearing and would like advice or a free hearing test then please call 01250 870 062.

A native of Northern Ireland, David has been resident in Scotland since his student days at the University of Dundee. He’s been living in Blairgowrie for several years and has spent most of his career in the private Hearing care industry. Although David has wide experience in audiology management, his greatest passion is to help people hear better. An experienced hearing aid user himself, he is very aware of the benefits and limitations of modern hearing systems and has helped many patients improve their hearing by fitting custom hearing aids.


  • Hearing Health Check: (20 mins) Free
  • Hearing Assessment and advice: (45 mins) Free
  • Follow Up: (15 mins) Free
  • Hearing systems from £250 - £1500 (offered on free trial prior to purchase)
  • Wax Removal: (15-30 mins) £40 - £60