NEW Pilates Class - suitable for beginners



Pilates is suitable for any age and fitness ability, all you have to do is come along. High levels of fitness or great suppleness are not pre requisites, as Pilates helps with both of these conditions.

In Pilates, we teach a great deal about body awareness, promote a healthy self image and give you tips and ideas that you can take home to further improve on what you learn in class. It’s a personal journey and clients often experience higher levels of confidence and self esteem as a result. We hope that you will gain from some of the many benefits doing regular Pilates can offer.

Classes can be of particular use if you are rehabilitating from injury, to help with achy backs; stiff or sore necks, shoulders and hips but equally for those looking to keep strong and supple. As we age we become weaker and Pilates is proven to provide relief in conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis but also help those with conditions such as scoliosis, curvature of the spine, sacroilitis, and many more. 

Benefits include strengthening your back and your core muscles; improving your posture, balance and co ordination; increasing your flexibility and mobility; developing breathing control; realigning and rebalancing your body; enhancing the feeling of well being and confidence and aiding in the relaxation and destressing of the body.

These benefits will aid those with aches and pains, lower tension, improve muscle strength, tone and control and generally help you to keep active. Pilates is extremely useful in conjunction with an exercise plan and provides information on stretching after exercise.

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