Road Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis

A good bike fit is essential to reduce risk of injury and to enhance your performance. The correct fit should improve your efficiency and power output on the bike. Combine this with improving your cycling technique and you will be flying along!

At Blairgowrie Physiotherapy, we have a purpose built bike fit and analysis room. You will be asked to bring your road bike and wear your road cycling clothes.  Markers will be placed on your body as specific points and your bike will be attached to the turbo trainer.  When sitting on the bike the Physiotherapist will take measurements of your joint angles and then adapt your bike, cleats or yourself to fit the bike.  Sometimes we suggests a change in stem length or have to insert a wedge into your cycling shoe.  When we have the bike fitting as perfectly as possible you will then be asked to warm up gently.  After this warm up we will start recording your cycling gait on our analysis software.  From this we can suggest specific changes, or perhaps even make some more modifications.

Our USP here is the benefit of a Chartered Physiotherapist, on occasion the bike may fit you correctly but a weakness in musculature, joint tightness or poor posture/core control can contribute to poor biomechanics.  Having a Physio on hand to assess you and give you the correct advice and treatment as well as being able to fit your bike and analyse your gait is a rare and valuable asset to a Bike fit service.